Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Love Oats In A Jar!

Remember that empty jar I forgot to use last week?  Well I continued to forget to use it for oats in a jar a la Kathy and every day I would kick myself when I remembered it, as I went hunting for the almond butter to put in my already cooked in a bowl oatmeal! 

Yesterday morning the light bulb finally went off at the right time!!  YAY! 

Here was my empty jar of almond butter all ready to go!

DSCF8231 Into the jar went half a chopped pear, a handful of blueberries, 1/3 cup of oats, 1/3 cup of almond milk, and 1/3 cup of water!DSCF8232 Into the microwave it went for 3 minutes at 50% power and it came out like this!  Really it looked just the blueberry version of the artificially flavored and sugared up instant packets…but it was 100% natural and mostly organic!  (only the oats were not organic).DSCF8234

Can’t forget to add the yummy scrapings off the lid! This was absolutely delicious.DSCF8235

Along with my second dose of espresso for the day!  One day I will be giving this up….but not yet! DSCF8236

Lunch was fresh and enjoyable too!  I saw that Karilynn started a water challenge on the Losing To Win site so I decided to jump on in.  I need to be drinking four of these gigantic 18 ounce glasses a day!  (Card added for your comparative viewing pleasure)DSCF8237

I downed this…but then I was freezing!  So I dug into my Oh She Glows winning box (yes…that is still going strong) and warmed myself up with a yummy cup of tea!   I also snacked on an unphotographed Larabar…apple pie flavor.  This was deeeevine!DSCF8238

I was still hungry though, so before long I broke out the organics to fix myself a gorgeous salad.  Butter lettuce, escarole, Roma tomato, daikon radish, scallion, carrot, red bell pepper, chopped mushrooms, and a reheated piece of kabocha!DSCF8239 I am out of my beloved peanut dressing and didn’t have time to make any fresh (which I want to do) but I remembered I had this in the fridge. DSCF8241 I bought it a while back but didn’t really like it…so I decided to try and doctor it up to make it into a salad dressing.  I added some agave and fresh organic lemon juice.DSCF8242 Isn’t this lemon just gorgeous! DSCF8244 I ended up with this!  It was passable but just okay.  I need to tweak some.DSCF8250I finished off lunch with this!  Yummy.  Not organic and only 60% cacao…low on the healthy scale for chocolate.  But the cranberries, blueberries, and yum factor made up for it, right?


After a lovely day of fun and fresh eats….dinner was far less than rewarding.  We had a pot luck at our boy scout Court of Honor ceremony (awards banquet).  To FabPreteen and my great disappointment, there was no salad and no veggies!

The best we could do with no meat was some mac and cheese (that was really good); past salad; and some other undisclosed fettuccini that I ended up giving away.  I had some yellow rice that I picked the chicken out of as well. 

At least there was dessert!  (no photos though).


I definitely need to remember to start packing dinner for FabPreteen and myself to these potlucks!

On another note, my organics arrived today!  (yes I know it is Wednesday, not Monday but better late than never!)

Stay tuned to see what deliciousness I got!

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