Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh No Turns Into Oh Yeah!

It is cold!  In the 40s!  This is FLORIDA for crying out loud, Miami for that matter…and I have no heat!  Yes…I know, I just finished a whole season of whining about the heat because I had no A/C!  I just can’t make up my mind, can I!

So I put my bowl of yummy, warm , and filling oats in the micro to cook this morning and went to grab the almond butter and found this!


Sad thing is I cannot blame FabHubs or the kids for putting the jar back in the fridge like this as I am the only one who eats the almond butter!

Even sadder was I realized I could have made my oats in a jar a la Kathy and had missed my perfect opportunity!

So I sighed and put the jar back in the fridge for tomorrow…and went to the pantry (new cleaned out this weekend by FabHubs so I can walk in it now) to grab the new jar of almond butter.  It was totally separated and maybe because it is so cold here, was hard to mix.  I just didn’t feel like dealing with it.  I usually store it upside down, it mixes together much easier that way. 

So I sighed and put that jar away for tomorrow, upside down of course, and went back to the pantry to settle for the Costco peanut butter…good and what I give the kids, but not my yummy almond butter.

But I got excited when I found this!DSCF6735 I had totally forgotten I had that in there! 

And so when the oats came out of the microwave with their yummy cooked bananas, I succumbed to some dark chocolate dreams!  This was the perfect complement to those bananas too!

Then I went all out decadent and sprinkled a large spoonful of the raw cacao nibs over it.  I can’t eat these plain, they are too butter…but on top of oatmeal they are incredible!  They add this fantastic chocolaty crunch to the oats. 


Warm, chocolaty, crunchy,  peanut buttery, banana oats?  OH YEAH!

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Robyn said...

You are so lucky!!! Maybe someday I will get to move some where not so cold, our high for thurday is 0F ;(
I guess I should just be glad that I have heat ;). Good luck with the comp, these have been so amazing!!!!