Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where Did The Week Go?

I can’t believe it has been a week since I have blogged! 

A jam-packed week at that!

We had the usual produce delivery, which I have not blogged about either!  I had a few appointments that took me out of the house.  Of course this week I unexpectedly had my transcription workload doubled (good for $$ but bad for time management!)

And to add craziness to all of this…..

This week is GIRL SCOUT COOKIE kickoff week!


For us that means hyperdrive.  My daughter is a determined young cookie seller, which means I have a lot of lugging, carrying, and setting up to do over the  next month.  (I try to picture it as forced exercise!).   

She will sell over 1,000 boxes of cookies and that takes a lot of work!

It also means my house looks like this!  And will for the next month. 

DSCF8036Oddly enough, eating them is not a problem!  I can have some, and Thin Mints are my favorite, but eating the whole box is not a temptation for me.  Thank goodness!

Not only am I a cookie mom though, I am the cookie manager for the whole troop!  So last night that meant picking up and sorting out all the boxes are large and active troop is selling, for the individual families to pick up.

Tonight we will have our first chance of the season to accost people at the grocery store and pressure them into buying cookies!!   Yes, we have cookie booths scheduled!

Tomorrow, however, in the midst of all these cookies, we will be packing up and heading out to camp in an alligator infested area.   Fun!   It is though…I love camping!

At least the crazy Florida icy weather has thawed and the weather will be comfortable.

I know…this is a weight loss blog and you want some weight loss info don’t you! 

I have some VERY EXCITING news on that forefront…but I have a lunch to pack, a breakfast to make, and a child to get to school, so another post my friends….

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Karilynn said...

Girl scout cookies were my demise last year. Honestly March was the only month I didn't win money... hmm... i wonder why?!?!